Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, First Line Friday: August 16th, 2019

The capitol grew rank in the summer heat, the humid streets clogged with sweating tourists and rats. Both were welcome, the tourists for the money they could put in the pockets of the traders, and the rats, the over-riding reason why there were so many tourists. The vast majority here to visit the Karni Mata temple, better known as  the Temple of the  Rats. What the vast  majority don’t realise is that  it is only the twenty thousand or so black rats who live within the temple precinct are sacred. The ones who they see scurrying around the streets while they browse for souvenirs of this wonderful if not stomach-turning experience, the ones lazing on the sun-bleached walls and roof and those who roam uninvited in their hotel rooms are just rats. 



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8 responses to “Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, First Line Friday: August 16th, 2019

  1. plain dirty brown rats …


  2. Is there a physical difference between the rats, or just a difference imposed by people?


  3. I think the most unsettling aspect of the temple has to be the tourists/devotees that drink the rat’s milk. I’m not what sure what worries me more, the countless rat’s backwash, the bathing insects or the cheese inducing effects of the tropics. Either way, I suspect it’s a recipe for an interesting evening. Nice post.

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