Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt #121 ~Teapot


This was the first day of their public courtship.

Everything was prepared to perfection.

All the servants had been dismissed.

Perfumed fragrance filled the air.

Opening the shutters she bowed, inviting him to kneel.

Their first tea ceremony was about to begin.




Filed under Alternative history, Flash fiction, Inspired by fable, On the lines of romance

7 responses to “Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt #121 ~Teapot

  1. Cool. Precisely described. Exactly right for a tea ceremony.

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  2. Lovely piece, Bob.



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  3. Nice! I do enjoy the imagery of a tea ceremony.

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  4. Just as I have pictured it – watched it in movies and such.
    Lovely, Bobby.

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