The reason why I’m giving this up

Having recently needed to change to some sort of freaky editor I have realised that there is no longer a way I can continue using this site. I assume that the powers that be consider that the new editor is the be-all and end-all of easier word-processing formats. They are wrong and I wish all my friends and followers, “Good Luck,” in the future and I hope you enjoy a great festive season.



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4 responses to “The reason why I’m giving this up

  1. Why don’t you register your dissatisfaction with the inaptly named Happiness Engineers. If we all complain, perhaps they’ll listen? I’d hate to lose you as a fellow blogger


  2. You will be missed, Bobby.


  3. You have my sympathies.
    Twice WP has freaked on my blogs, causing one to be shut down.
    It would be worthwhile to take it up with WP, if only to register your exasperation


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