CCC #85

When we got to the gate this is what we found

the latch was broken, lying on the ground

that was a problem, imagine the scene

although now closed with nothing to be seen

the gate might open if there was a breeze

any cows or sheep could escape with ease

we looked and we found a hay bale lying near,

thinking quick we knew the answer was clear,

a piece of pink string was tied around the bale

we could tie the gate up, that wouldn’t fail

so even if the bale might lose some hay

we knew we had done our good deed for the day



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8 responses to “CCC #85

  1. I like it.
    I’ve seen farm gates tied with everything imaginable. But when I saw this one tied in pink… had to be a photo

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  2. And I can suppose you have divined the tale of it


  3. Alli Templeton

    Great poem, and cleverly crafted story of the strange, pink-stringed gate.

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