Crimson’s Creative Challenge #203 #Even the slightest thing.

On our regular Wednesday afternoon walk, my regular companion, a generally steadfast fellow, was looking over the fence at the strangely industrial-looking complex away in the distance. He seemed lost in thought and there was a pained expression on his face. His eyes looked rather red, I thought perhaps a touch of hay-fever from the unseen grain dust. “I say, Wormsley old boy, are you okay, you seem a trifle off. Has something happened?” He turned to me and replied,”I’m fine thanks old chap, but seeing those silos gave me a bit of a start. You see, I’ve never really talked about my time in the trenches before but those things over there certainly rang a nasty bell. They just reminded me of the square-heads in the opposite trenches with their binoculars, all the time watching us, ready to unleash the rain of death and destruction if ever they noticed us doing anything unusual. Sorry, just can’t seem to shake it off, often think about them at night in bed too.” This rather put a dampener on the afternoon jaunt so an awkward silence ensued. Finally he smiled and said, “Anyway, that’s nothing to dwell upon, let’s just carry on old chap.”


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3 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #203 #Even the slightest thing.

  1. Excellent. Yea, I can see it as binoculars. It’s a strange installation but doesn’t seem to have sparked many imaginations. I think it’s just you & me. Well, there has to be a first time for everything. Enjoy this Wednesday’s photo. And thank you

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