Samiscribbles weekend writing prompt #294 #The show must go on

I am Doctor Jones, a practitioner in a small village. I like amateur dramatics and act as prompt for our local society. A few years ago we were doing, “The inspector calls,” Tom the lead was prone to forgetting his script. He had mentioned feeling rather queer but the show was a great success and surprisingly Tom was word-perfect, something I had been concerned about. After the show the performers took their bows but Tom was missing. I found him collapsed backstage half-dressed with no response. I was certain that he must have been dead for at least two hours.



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4 responses to “Samiscribbles weekend writing prompt #294 #The show must go on

  1. Poor Tom, acting taken to the nth degree. Nice one

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  2. So, it was Tom’s ghost? Nicely done story.

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