Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #295 #Accident of birth

I can tell you a story about two brothers

as twin boys go they were like no others

for one was a shy boy who never said a word

the other loquacious and always to be heard

as he questioned his parents about everything

while the other brother just stood there listening

while seeming quite puzzled by the difference in their sons

they often quietly pondered on the prospects for each one

they agreed that one should be a politician

while the other would just get things done.



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5 responses to “Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #295 #Accident of birth

  1. That’s a good one, Bobby!

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  2. Really enjoyed this one 🙂

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  3. A delightful piece! We’re all meant for different lives. It never ceases to amaze me how often people expect us to behave alike.

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  4. I’m sure they were right! Nice one.

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  5. Clever story, Bobby. My twin granddaughters finish each other’s sentences in the same hurried voice and tone. 🙂

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