Crimson’s Creative Challenge #220 #We are but here to serve.

The old, moss-covered granite, packhorse bridge stands proudly above the noisy, never ending brook. Both have served the community for many ages past but today the relatively youthful bridge is doubly proud, for his carefully placed, leafy decoration has donned its frosty Winter morning jewellery. “Aha, he thought, top that my friend, with all your haste, your sun-dappled ripples cannot compare.” Just wait, the Goddess of the stream hissed, for in times to come the unseen, slowly creeping ice will stretch your bones and then you’ll ache,” and turning over lazily, dived deeply, a cold smile spreading over her face.



Filed under Self compositions

2 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #220 #We are but here to serve.

  1. Oh I love this Bobby. For yes, the stream does freeze!


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