Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Remains #writephoto

O hear me, ye faithless for I have a warning to retell.

My name is M’neptah and I was formerly the tutor of the son of my sovereign master Thutmose, Lord of all the dominion of Egypt.

On the night of my death I boarded the barge that traverses the Land of Nut and was brought before the one they call Anubis, before whom I knelt in subjugation.

He placed before my bowed head a finely wrought gold balance and with one swift move placed his hand upon my breast. From within he took my heart and laid  it gently upon one of the scales. From his head-dress he plucked a feather and placed this on the opposite scale.

To my horror the weight of  my heart was greater than that of the feather. I begged forgiveness for my unknown sins, committed whilst upon this Earth. It was to no avail . My heart was cruelly thrown into the jaws of the crocodile Ammit to be devoured and thus prevent me continuing my journey to the afterlife.

That is why you see me as I am now, devoid of flesh and condemned to lie unburied for eternity.



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10 responses to “Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Remains #writephoto

  1. Emily

    Nice! I love your style of writing!

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  2. How wonderful! Merenptah has significance for me as does Anubis. Curious…


  3. A lot of colorful myth compressed into your story.


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  5. A most enjoyable take Bobby.

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  6. Great story, maybe this treatment should be introduced into our modern world. I might make a positive difference.

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