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Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #Haiku #Tanka #Haibun Spirit and Joy


May the Holy Spirit

bring you joy everlasting

by the Grace of God


Typically British, don’t you know

A cricket fan’s joy

lies in seeing the two teams

playing by the rules.

As players we should always

keep the Spirit of the game.


The Queen, God bless her

A toast to bring joy to all

of British spirit

On the occasion of the announcement of a major Royal event, such as engagement to marriage, the birth of a child or significant Royal birthday it was customary for a signal  to be transmitted to all serving members of the British Armed Forces wherever they were, be it on ships or on land in all corners of the world. The signal was generated and was usually personal from Her Majesty The Queen inviting all to join with her in celebration. The instruction would be given to, “Splice the mainbrace!” All were then entitled to draw a free drink which had to be consumed immediately and generally accompanied by the toast as described above. In a true spirit of cameraderie, great joy was felt by all at her generosity.





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#Daily prompt Leaf Leaf

Their day is done
Chameleon leaves,
 red,yellow, brown,
spiralling down
 to carpet the ground
and muffle wild sounds
once  English greenwood fair
stark now the grey and bare,
limbs reaching heavenly
bereft of their canopy
call out for the sun
stand in supplication
withering, slumbering
till Spring comes calling

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Snack for thought

Originally posted on Rachel Poli: We already talked about the when and why I started writing short stories. But what about you? Pretend you’re back at school and your new English teacher is asking you to write an essay on the first day. (What a jerk, am I right?) Here’s the question: Do you write…

via Why Should You Write Short Stories? — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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Sight #Write photo

Bran threw the scraper to one side. It had been fourteen earth-turns since he had begun his quest. Now it was complete, without help and equipped only with determination and sense of purpose he had made a hole large enough to pass Aena’s daughter’s son through the greystone. He would be protected from all ills by the power of Freyin, controller of the winds, bringer of light, governor of the storm. Bran had heard the tales of other such holy stones, far to the West and over the dark sea. Each one had rained glory upon the head of it’s creator and power to the clan. Now he would be able to enjoy the rewards of his labours. The greystone would become a sacred site of reverence, offerings would be made and wealth would fall upon his and his son’s heads. Bran was pleased. He looked through the stone and in a state of reverie imagined his future as overseer of all the land in his sight.

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Tanka thunder

A hint of darkness

in the high-rise sun-bleached cloud

Summer storm threatens.

Once still, the green leaves tremble

in shy anticipation 

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TJ’s household haiku challenge #15

Meg had just one dream

to dance around the nine stones

and now there are ten


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